Kingston XS1000 launches as pocket-friendly SSD

Bi-Directional Bandwidth

Thunderbolt 5 delivers an impressive 80GB/s of bi-directional bandwidth. This high-speed connectivity allows for the rapid transfer of data in both directions simultaneously

Bandwidth Boost

Thunderbolt 5 with bandwidth boost, it can provide up to 120 Gbps of bandwidth. This enhancement is particularl beneficial for delivering an exceptional display experience, ensuring high-resolution displays and low-latency visuals


Thunderbolt 5 is built on industry standards, including USB4 V2. This ensures broad compatibility with previous versions of Thunderbolt and USB. Users can connect Thunderbolt 5 devices to older Thunderbolt and USB devices with ease

Meeting High Bandwidth Needs

Thunderbolt 5 is designed to cater to the increasing bandwidth needs of content creators, gamers and professionals. These users often work with large video and data files, demanding high-speed connections to maintain productivity and enjoy immersive experiences

Mainstream Port

Thunderbolt has become a mainstream port for connectivity on mobile PCs, and Thunderbolt 5 aims to further solidify this position by providing even more capability for demanding users


Thunderbolt 5 offers industry-leading bi-directional bandwidth, compatibility with previous Thunderbolt and USB versions, and is specifically tailored to meet the growing bandwidth requirements of modern computing tasks, such as content creation, gaming, and working with large multimedia files

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