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The company names Caviar, which is based in Russia. That specializes in luxurious smarthphone customization

Lock Screen

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You can now check your notifications on the Lock Screen using three different views: expanded list view, stacked view, or hidden view. These notifications conveniently appear at the bottom of the screen, ensuring they don't disrupt your experience


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iPhone experience maximized by unlocking a world of personalization options for your Lock Screen. With a multitude of new customization features. Showcase favorite photos, fine-tune font styles to match your preferences, and curate a selection of widgets that provide quick and vital information

Live Activities

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Introducing an enhanced and simplified setup for the Focus feature, which empowers to curate your notification experience effortlessly. Flexibility to choose the apps and contacts that matter most, either granting them permission for notifications or muting them as needed

Easily set up Focus

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When you establish or join a Shared photo library, you have to option to contribute historical photos by specifying a start date or selecting photos based on the people featured in them.

Smart ways to share

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With new update, you can change a message you just sent or even delete a message you sent recently. If you can't reply right away but want to read it again later, you can also make a message look like it's not read. There's a cool feature where you can talk and type at the same time


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In shared photo library, everyone can do the same things: add, change, or remove photos. If someone makes the pictures their favorite, writes captions, or adds keywords to them, it'll show up for everyone. This way, when one person organizes photo collection, it helps everyone

Sync everywhere

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The Home app got a big makeover to work better with much efficiency. Now, smart home stuff is placed in very well manner, which is easily available. It is easy to find things like temperature control, lights, and security devices


Russian Company Creates the World’s Most Expensive Custom iPhone Ever

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