Samsung A25 Specs Leaked Which You Can't Missed

Photo/Video Switcher

One of the standout features of the new pixel camera app is addition of both photo and video switcher located at bottom of the interface. This switcher makes it incredibly easy for users to toggle between photo and video modes

Settings Access

Another notable change is the improvement in access of settings. Simply swipe up to access settings or tap on the left side of the switcher to make quick adjustments to their camera settings. This enhancement is provie more diverse range to photographers

Enhanced photo/video modes

Google has revamped both photo and video modes, introducing exciting new options for users to explore. Some other options like Action Pan, Long Exposure, Portrait, Night Sight, Panorma etc

Video Stabilization

In these days, video stabilization is relevant for reel and shorts maker. Google has made it more accessible by integrating video stabilization modes into the Quick Settings

Quick Settings Panel

Quick Settings panel has also updated, users can simply swipe up to access the Quick Settings panel. Additionally, shortcut button available to the bottom left corner for improved usability

Zoom Slider

Fans of the Pixel series will be pleased to learn that the zoom slider. This slider provides precise control over zoom levels, making it easier to capture distant subjects with clarity and detail

Camera/Gallery Swap

To enhance user convenience, Google has swapped the positions of the buttons for toggling between the front camera and the gallery. This small adjustment can make a significant difference in how users navigate the camera app

Fresh Themed Icon

As part of the visual overhaul, the app's icon has got an update to be larger. This change not only gives the app a more modern and appealing look. But also makes it easier to spot on the device’s home screen

Minimum SDK Requirement

To take advantage of all these exciting updates, users need to update their phone with Android 14 (SDK 34). This requirement ensures that the new featues and improvements can be fully part of the user experience

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