macOS 14 Sonoma: Release Date, Features, Compatibility, and Beta Details

Apple recently released the Mac 14 Sonoma update. The MacOS 14 Sonoma update was released on Tuesday, September 26. This operating system runs on Mac devices. Mac 14 Sonoma is the latest version of macOS. Apple had already released the beta version of MacOS 14 Sonoma for limited users, but now the company has released its full update for all users. Across the world, Mac users are excited about Sonoma. The macOS 14 version is named after the an area in California wine region. This new release contains many features and improvements that will improve the user experience.

How to install macOS 14 Sonoma : Here is the complete information about how to install the macOS 14 update. To install macOS 14 Sonoma, you can follow these steps. By following these steps, users can easily install macOS 14 Sonoma on their Mac devices without any difficulties.

  • Visit System setting
  • Now, click on General
  • Select “Software update”. it may take some time for the update to appear
  • Click on “Upgrade Now” and allow the macOS installer to download the update.
  • Once the installer has finished downloading, click on “Install” and wait until installation is completed.
    These are the some simple steps to install macOS 14 version on your Mac devices.

macOS 14 Sonoma Features Overview :Apple has released macOS 14 Sonoma, but the company will continue testing the beta version for more features that will come later. In this update, the company brings a lot of new features to Mac devices. This update brings new widgets for the desktop screen. Users can now add more widgets from the Mac Widegets gallery. The user can add the widgets anywhere on the screen, where they want.In this update, Apple has added a new feature that is if the widgets are distracting the user, they can blend them into the background. In this update, users can now interact with widgets and do various tasks with them. Users can now manage media playback, control smart home devices, check off reminders, and more without opening the apps. Users can now have iPhone widgets on their Mac devices and also interact with them.

Apple brings a new feature that lets users convert a web page into a web app on a desktop screen in macOS 14 Sonoma. It will be very helpful for us. Apple has introduced a redesigned login screen and added a new animation to it. In this login screen update, users now have to enter the password at the bottom of the screen instead of the middle of the screen. According to reports Apple is going to update the Apple Music widgets soon.
Apple has introduced a new video effect called Presenter Overlay for screen shearing during presentations, which places your face on top of a presentation, allowing you to show your expression with your reactions. This feature is not limited to FaceTime but can be used with other video conferencing applications, making you stand out from the background.

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