Amazon Prime Video’s New Ad-Supported Option: Pay $3 Extra Monthly for an Ad-Free Experience

If you want to watch Amazon Prime Video shows and movies on it, you must have a subscription to it. To watch movies and shows without advertisements, you must have a subscription for which you have to pay the company. If you want to watch Amazon Prime Video shows and movies without advertisements, then now it is going to be more expensive, yes you read it right. Now for Amazon subscription you have to pay 3 dollar per month or 36 dollar per year more if you want to watch it advertisement free.

Amazon Prime Charges 3$ Extra For an Ad-Free Experience

Amazon has just revealed a significant change for Prime Video users that it will start running ads on movies and shows unless you pay 3$ extra on top of their regular subscription. It will start running the ads in early 2024. Netflix and Disney Plus have also launched this ads supported subscription last year.Amazon Prime Video is also going to do the same now. It will start showing limited ads unless you pay 3$ dollar extra on your regular subscription plan. Initially these ads will start rolling out in US, UK, Canada and Germany in early 2024 after rolling out in these countries the ads will start rolling out in Italy, Spain, France and Mexico in later 2024.

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There is not much information yet about the ads like how long it will be and how many ads you will have to watch. Amazon Prime Company revealed few details about the ads and said that it will be limited and meaningful. The company said that we will have limited and meaningful ads as compared to linear TV and other streaming platforms. The Company is not going to the regular subscription plan. But if you want it ads free then you will have to pay 3 $ extra per month. Amazon Prime subscription plan provides customer free shipping and same day or two day delivery. Now customers are 8.99 $ for the ad free monthly subscription plan but later in 2024 customers will have to pay 3$ extra for the same subscription to keep it ads free which will increase its cost by 33%. It will be interesting to see that there will be how much impact of this ad-free extra fee on the number of subscriptions.The will email the prime members weeks before the stating the ads on prime video with complete information of how to ads free subscription and how sing up.

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